Evaluation Outdoor Thermal Comfort of Urban Square with PET-Index

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tabriz Islamic Art University, Tabriz, Iran


The most important public urban spaces are squares, which have been called by various titles such as the beating heart of urban activities, open spaces called urban lungs and the main centers of social interactions, and the main signs of identity and civic and historical character of cities. The constituent structures of the squares enclosing the field are important both in terms of their impact on the field space and the role they play in urban cells. The most important thing about buildings, regardless of their role in the body of the field, is the energy consumed by them and the microclimate created by the arrangement of the masses. Preventing the creation of heat islands and consequently creating thermal comfort as well as optimizing energy consumption in buildings are among the main and most important agendas in the field of cities today. Microclimate assessment is done by ENVI-Met4 software on modeling this case (assumed future situation). In the next step, in order to achieve the desired micro-climate, the criteria required for the texture will be simulated and evaluated and presented in two groups of scenarios, based on which a three- dimensional simulation of the urban fabric of the design site will be performed. The second evaluation in the software will be for this case, and if the micro-climate situation improves due to the applied changes, the desired texture for the design site and the body enclosing the field will be suggested.