Aims and Scope

Aim and Scopes

The aim of the Journal of Urban Management and Energy Sustainability (JUMES) is to inform its readers about all aspects of urban management and planning. The journal includes subjects ranging from social to technical urban management issues, having always as an axis the concept of energy sustainable planning and development.

Journal of Urban Management and Energy Sustainability (JUMES) covers appropriate disciplines of urban management and energy sustainability. JUMES publishes original research papers, review papers, case reports and short communications. JUMES is a free charge publication dedicated to bringing together intellectual and urban professional scientists, as well as the public sectors who are engaged in efforts to understand the state of natural and man-made urban systems and, increasingly, the human footprint on the urban ecosystems. Typical areas of interest will include:

  • Sustainable Urban Management
  • Urban  Population and Built Environment
  • Urban architecture, design, development and planning
  • Urban communications and services
  • Urban civil engineering and related management issues
  • Urban ecology and related environmental concerns
  • Urban transportation systems and traffic management
  • Urban social and cultural welfare