Explanation of the energy consumption mechanism model-based in urban morphology context

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Urban planning, Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning, University of Tehran, Kish Interna-tional Campus, Kish, Iran

2 Department of Geography, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


The rapid and increasing growth of urbanization and the consequent increase in urban population have had various consequences in various fields, the most important of which are the increase in consumption and demand for energy resources. Important factors affecting energy consumption by buildings; Density, diversity, design and other statistical characteristics. Hence, the concept of energy in the building is formed as clusters of classifications in urban contexts in the context of the concept of morphology. Therefore, building  species  as  cells  of  this  concept  determine  the  degree  of  energy  efficiency  The  method  of  data collection is as documentation and using Bing Map data reference and data generation. Case study sample on a scale of 500 by 500 as an isolated urban fabric in the explained scales, different building configurations, the common types of which have been selected and simulated according to the form structure of Khorramshahr urban  settlements.  Energy  considerations  were  also  explained  by  using  energy  consumption  model  that presented in context of urban morphology. the findings of the current research show the energy consumption status according to the evaluation of morphological variables. It is the morphotypes as well as the climatic parameters that have determined the specific results of each case and also provided the appropriate type and rating.