Explanation of Fundamental indicators in digital architecture achievement

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Department of Urban Planning ,Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Soore University, Tehran, Iran


Considering the increasing growth of construction in the country, it is important to pay attention to the architectural aspects of these structures. Progress in The field of technology and the need to build new structures requires advanced tools for designing instrument models. One of the ways of designing new instrument models is digital architecture. Digital is a mechanized media with unlimited capabilities that have also affected art in the process of the world’s progress towards digital culture. Digital architecture is a movement in the field of architecture to provide a basis for more creativity and innovation with the connection between architecture and digital science. In the digital space, the architect is freed from the limitations of designing the architectural space with common methods and the slowness of working with previous drawing tools in the current era, and the details are imagined. Depicts a design in advance. This research seeks to reach the criteria of digital architecture by using integrated research method (quantitative and qualitative) and based on library studies and questionnaire results. So that with their help, an effective model can be provided for the analysis of every building with digital architectural components. Based on this possibility It should be ensured that by introducing the characteristics of any desired building, the amount of attention paid to digital architecture in that building can be investigated gave.