Urban management and solutions for increasing incomes of city halls

Document Type : Case Study


1 Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 Faculty of the Urban Planning, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Among different sectors of urban management, financial resource supply and income of city hall are significant, since on one hand income of city halls has a significant effect in providing services to citizens and on the other hand lack of sufficient income not only leads to lack of providing emergency services but also makes enforcement of urban plans encounter difficulties. In the research urban management and solutions for rising income of city halls (case study: Saggez City) were reviewed. The research has an applied objective and research method is cross-sectional where data were gathered through documentary-survey method. In order to analyze data, SWOT model was applied. The results indicated that city of Saggez and its City Hall have significant problems (weakness) in terms of urban management and income resources of city hall, therefore according to definitions, type two strategy (strategy of defeating) was selected, since the strategy applies its logic based on internal and external positive factors (strengths and weakness points) in order to minimize or disable internal negative factors


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