Explanation of Urban Development Pattern in Order to Sustainable Development

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1 Department of Urban Planing, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran

2 Department of Art and Architecture, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


The review of urban growth patterns in recent decades has been suggestive of the sustainability of urban growth and maturation, and important environmental indicators indicate a grave threat to urban systems. In our land, as long as the practice of urban spatial growth and development was organic and determined the urban growth of “intrinsic” and local elements, the metropolitan area was also sufficient for traditional urban uses and there was a rest between the environment and the city, merely since the fundamental for the growth and expansion of cities by the social, economic and political changes led the “exogenous” nature, the practice of many Iranian cities took rapid and uncontrollable trend. The term “urban sprawl” is used today negatively and is used to describe the low density, inefficient development of the city boundaries. Likewise, it examines the positions and experiences related to the sustainability phenomenon, patterns and indices of nationalized and localized sustainability in Iran, which demand to be more localized by more accurate regional zoning and urban subjects, hence that the correct outcomes and strategies to be delineated on them. This research tries to explain the urban areas by using studies and explaining the general precepts of the extent of the distribution or sustainability of existing development.


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