Role of Urban Management in Cultural Events Economy of Academic Cities to Tourism Industry Development

Document Type : Case Study


1 Department of Human Sciences, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Geography and Urban Planning, International Campus of University of Tehran, Kish, Iran

3 Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculty of Urban Planning, University of Islamic Art, Tabriz, Iran


Tourism is today considered one of the biggest and most diverse industries in the cosmos, and its rapid development has contributed to many social, economic and environmental varieties. For this cause, it has become an important subject of study among scholars. Cultural events, including those occurring in one address, such as university, can be regarded as an important source for attracting tourists and developing the land. Increasing the level of science and cognition can help ameliorate the lives of the masses of the community and develop economic and societal growth.  The aim of this study was to look into the role of cultural events in the political economy of academic cities to develop the tourism in Kish Island. The research method is descriptive-analytic. Using library studies and area studies (interviews and questionnaires), the outcomes have been analyzed using SPSS software and single-sample chi-square test. Outcomes indicate that cultural events and the universities are influential in the economy of Kish. Besides, these issues have a significant impact on the growth of tourism in the area.


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