Explain the concept of physical-spatial factors affecting the management of urban land values using ANP1 Method, Case study: Zaferanieh Neighborhood, Tehran

Document Type : Case Study


Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Art, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.


Urban land is one of the most significant constituents’ portfolio of urbanhouseholds in Iran; Land prices also have the greatest impact on real estate prices. In the construction of urban management of Iran, valuation of urban land prices is not a special trustee, and in fact, the offices of the estate consultant, the builders and owners of each one, agreeing to their interests, determine the value of a domain. On the other hand, the value of urban land has a direct relationship with access to the city’s physical-spatial facilities. This article is a physical-spatial factors affecting the value of residential land in Zaferanieh neighborhood in Tehran as a case study, identified during the literature review and interviews with experts, investors and residents of the neighborhood, using components derived from The ANP method is prioritized and weighed. The results show that contents of research including visibility into surrounding areas of land, access to facilities and urban activities, the structure of land plots, comfort, image and security of the residents of the environment. The model for estimating the physical-spatial components affecting the value of residential land derived from the research in the case study; can provide an effective tool for determining and controlling the price of urban land, as well as creating a real estate tax map for country-land.


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