Explanation of Resilience Urban Infrastructure Principles in-Approach to Sustainability

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Art, Faculty of Industrial Design, Islamic Azad University, Central Branch, Tehran, Iran


The concept of resilience emerged as a central theme of industrial and urban development, although recent resilience approaches, such as spatial resilience, general resilience, and urban resilience, have dealt with Infra- structure subjects and, conversely, some works in urban issues have tried to comprehend the complexity of urban-natural environments, an explicit Industrial perspective on urban resilience is still lacking in research. The paper is divided into main parts: formal thinking of resilience, the resilience of urban infrastructure), and sustainability approaches. This in- quiry is of a descriptive-analytical nature, and in terms of design, it is a character of development research that is borne out in the course of a recapitulation of the documents of the latest research achievements, and ultimately bringing into account the concepts of a sustainable urban infrastructure.Sustainable infrastructure refers to infrastructure projects that are contrived, projected, built, worked, and decommis- sioned in a fashion to assure economic and financial, social, environmental and institutional sustainability over the full life cycle of the project, this research aimed to explain the sustainability of infrastructure in urbanity and try to reveal that how the industrial approach can have utilized main ideas to spatial form in modern urban centers.