Examination of Sustainable Transportation in-Approach to Sustainability

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Islamic Art University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


Given the rapid industrialization process in the world, most countries, especially developing countries, are experiencing rapid urbanization, and in relation to this demographic development, one of the main concerns of today’s cities is to reach the concept of sustainability in its international stereotype. The review of urban development patterns in recent decades suggests the instability of the growth and development of urban communities, and important environmental indicators indicate a serious threat to urban systems, which, in the form of urban dispersion, lead to sus- tainable urban development Confronts. Urban transport as one of the main principles of sustainability with integrated management affects economic efficiency, environmental issues, resource consumption, land use and social justice, and results in lower productivity of optimal development patterns and improved people’s livelihoods. Biking directions as the main priority of urban green transportation are of interest to this research and are trying to present strategies for propos- ing a suitable development platform with explanation of sustainability criteria in relation to the urban dispersal scourge.