Comparative Evaluation of Inter-Provincial Passenger Terminals (Case: Sofeh & Kaveh Terminals, Isfahan City)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Art University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 M.A. College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute, Isfahan, Iran


One of the most important infrastructures of the mentioned system is the Inter-Provincial Passenger terminals, which are considered the pole of the urban transportation system and connect the inner city and suburban roads. Inter-provincial terminals of the city of Isfahan such as Kaveh and Sofeh are among the terminals having a significant role in the transportation of the goods and passengers due to their location on the main corridors of the country; therefore, they may need to be investigated as well. Accordingly, the present study purpose to evaluation Kaveh and Sofeh terminals as the inter-provincial passenger terminals in the city of Isfahan. In order to achieve the above purpose, descriptive-analytical research method was used and data collection was done through library and field method (observation and questionnaire type. Then data analysis was done through Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. The results indicate that the Kaveh and Sofeh terminals had ideal conditions at the time of construction. But they are currently considered to be in a relatively desirable condition given the total environmental, economic, physical and social indicators related to the inter-provincial terminals. Also these terminals are not in sync with the population growth and physical expansion of the city of Isfahan. This decline is more severe for Kaveh terminal with a total score of 63 out of 100 in terms of the mentioned indicators to Sofeh terminal with a total score of 77 out of 100.


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