Challenges and feasibility strategies of integrated urban management in the Tehran metropolis

Document Type : Case Study


1 Islamic Azad University Gheshm Branch

2 Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch


Nowadays, cities, especially metropolises, due to uncontrolled issues and problems, have caused traditional urban management to lose its efficiency. In this regard, integrated urban management as a comprehensive institution is necessary to achieve sustainable urban development. This study aims to feasibility strategies of integrated urban management in Tehran as a metropolis city and to apply the present research the used method is descriptive and analytical. Data collection is library and field-work studies, and the statistical population consists of two groups of urban managers and urban studies specialists in Tehran. The AHP technique ranked the factors and strategies affecting the integrated management of the Tehran metropolis. Based on the results of the SWOT table, among the factors studied, the diversity of government and management areas of Tehran metropolis, with a score of 4.2, is the second most crucial factor in Tehran metropolis, with a score of 4.1 and the third factor of rapid physical changes and development of urban centers around Tehran with a score of 4.0 is one of the challenges of integrated metropolitan management in Tehran.


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