Green roof patterns to improve the quality of sustainable urban landscape

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Architecture, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Aras International Campus, University of Tehran


A landscape is a part of the environment that can be paid attention to in a specific place and related to its context in the environment. The sensitivity of the urban landscape, when it focuses on the concept of sustainability, should be hidden in all the components of the city's body form. The need to study green roofs concerning environmental issues in architecture and urban planning is of special importance to improve the quality of the environment and sustainable urban development. This research has a descriptive-analytical view, which is purposed at development and application. The method of collecting information is the library, First, after analyzing the theoretical foundations as well as the history of the research, factors were extracted as the results of the research framework and presented as the final indicators proposed in the form of a model using the Delphi method. The results of the three rounds of implementing the Delphi method in the research show that a consensus has been reached among the panel members for the following reasons and the repetition of the rounds can be ended. The findings of the indexes to evaluation shows that sense of place, Identity, readability, Proportions, Visual influence, Texture and materials, size, and urban form are the main structure of sustainable urban landscape based on the concept of a green roof investigation.