An analysis of dimensions and indices of urban livability with emphasis on the environmental sustainability approach (Case study: District 22 of Tehran)

Document Type : Case Study


1 Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Social Science, Islamic Azad University, Qeshem branch, Qeshem, Iran

2 Department of Geography and Urban Planning, Faculty of Basic Science, Islamic Azad university, Eslamshaher branch, Eslamshaher, Iran


Today, cities have faced many economic, social, and environmental challenges, while the
population rate increase with a high urbanization ratio has harmed cities. The continuation of urbanization growth with social, economic, and environmental problems creates a crisis and threat to the stability of cities. Therefore, the necessity and importance of discussing livability and sustainable development in cities are apparent. This research aims to analyze the dimensions and indicators of livability with emphasis on the environmental sustainability approach in the district 22 of Tehran. The research method is descriptive-analytical with the applicable-developmental objective. A statistical sample is from citizens and experts, and the study is in an urban area. The questionnaire on a 5-point Likert scale. To determine the reliability of the questionnaire, we used Cronbach’s alpha coefficient reliability method, which obtained a score of 0.717, which confirms the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. The data are analyzed using statistical tests such as t-test (T.test) is used to determine their significance. The results of the research show that among the environmental dimensions, infrastructure, and urban, social, cultural, and economic dimensions, the environmental dimension has the best condition with 69.77%, and the socio-cultural dimension has the worst situation with 45.01% among the dimensions of urban livability in the district 22 of Tehran. It is also clear from this table that urban livability is 57.42% in the district 22 of Tehran, which is considered close to the average level. Therefore, primary importance should be considered to social, cultural, economic, and environmental indicators to create livability and reach urban sustainability in the district 22 of Tehran.