Investigating and explaining the model of urban wastewater management with a decentralization approach by presenting an optimal design model (District 4th of Tehran)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. Student in Environmental Engineering, University of Tehran, Kish International Campus, Kish, Iran

2 Professor of Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Associated Professor, Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Urban management has a fundamental role in the sustainability and development of cities. Currently, with the increase in population and the urgent need for water management, the importance of creating water and sewage management systems is very important. The process of managing water supply and demand, especially in the last half century, has led to excessive exploitation of surface and underground water resources in most of the watersheds of the country, and the continuation of this process has led to the continuous worsening of the water resources situation. In the current research, using the analytical method as well as the use of logical analysis, the existing situation in the 4th district of Tehran metropolis was examined from the perspective of the water and sewage management system, and an optimal model was designed based on its structure. The findings indicate that the optimal model includes the provision of a decentralized system based on the creation of treatment packages by the clustering design method, which due to the lack of a suitable domestic option for wastewater treatment in the 4th district of Tehran with a decentralized approach, the cost of the packages is the currency is calculated and this issue has caused the lack of economic competitiveness compared to the centralized approach. The result is that it is possible to optimize the cost and efficiency of water and wastewater management in Tehran to a high extent by presenting this model.


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